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June 29, 2000

Supreme Court Forbids Nebraska to Ban "Live-Birth" Abortion

Focus on the Family Responds to Stenberg v. Carhart Ruling

Colorado Springs--Carrie Gordon Earll, bioethics analyst in Focus on the Family's public policy division, released the following statement in response to today's U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down Nebraska's ban against partial-birth abortion:

"In its 5 to 4 decision, the majority members of this Court have given the abortion industry permission to cross a line from abortion to infanticide. In striking down the Nebraska law, justices proclaimed that it is acceptable for abortionists to brutally slaughter half-born children under the guise of women's rights. This Court has clearly gone beyond the insanity of Roe v. Wade and now justifies infanticide as a protected 'right.'

"The Court held that the Nebraska ban is too broad and may ban other methods of late-term abortion. We disagree. The wording in the Nebraska statute is clear as to the method and intent of the partial-birth abortion procedure. The Court also ruled against the Nebraska law for failing to include an exception for the 'health' of the mother. We agree with the Nebraska Legislature that this exception is unnecessary and provides a legal loophole for abortionists to skirt the law.

"The opinions in this case are precedent-setting, as never before has a Supreme Court ruling included so much gory detail of what abortion does to unborn children. The Stenberg decision exposes the bloody violence of the abortion industry and does so without apology. Discussions of fetal dismemberment and bone fragments fill the pages of this ruling. Every American should read this opinion in order to understand that the Court knew the truth about partial-birth abortion and refused to stop it.

"It boggles the mind to think that we live in a day when the highest court in the land sanctions a practice as gruesome and inhumane as what is described in this opinion. Americans should be up in arms that the Court would condone a practice where a nearly-born baby is pulled from her mother's womb feet first as her tiny skull-still lodged in the womb-is pierced, and her brains suctioned out in order to fully deliver a dead child. Anyone who tries to characterize this practice as a mother 'controlling her body' or 'exercising her choice' is clearly in denial of the truth.

"The facts are clear: A partial-birth abortion is never medically necessary and may actually pose a threat to the health and future fertility of women. The U.S. Congress and more than one-half of the state legislatures have voted to ban partial-birth abortions. Yet this Court believes these elected bodies are wrong and should not have the right to protect unborn children from such brutality. We strongly disagree."

For more information, please contact Paul Hetrick or Carrie Gordon Earll at (719) 531-3400.

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