Accidental Teen Pregnancy!

The health of you and your child is dependant on whether or not you care for your nutritional, emotional and other special health needs during your pregnancy.  See Health & Teen Pregnancy. There are places throughout the country that can help you with nutrition supplements, medical advice, pregnancy health information and other health needs relating to your pregnancy.  Your teenage pregnancy is difficult, but fast help and info. is available to you!  Check out the great confidential help in your area at the toll-free telephone numbers below.


teen pregnancyCALL 1-800-848-LOVEteen pregnancy
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Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Jer. 1:5
teenage pregnancy

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Your baby deserves a fair chance to live her life too.  Don't give up on her - be healthy!

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   Even the word "pregnancy" can be frightening when you are an unmarried teen dependant on others.  All of a sudden, the word applies to you!  Now your health habits affect both you and your child growing within you.  Everyone expects so much of you--do well in school, get home on time, and be cool with your friends.  An unexpected teen pregnancy can be very a tough time on your physical and emotional health!

   You and your unborn child are too important to each other to be harmed by poor dietary health or other health hazards.  Be smart, get real pregnancy info. and help now!  It's a life or death matter-choose wisely please.  You'll be glad that you did your best for your child!  This on-line "pregnancy test" will help you to know how likely it is that you are pregnant -- and already a mother!          

   The miracle of human life that started with your unborn daughter or son is your treasure to protect.  Fast practical confidential help is waiting for you.  
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For you created my in-most being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:13-14

   Yes, God really created every one of us, including the tiny little babies in their mothers' wombs.  A teen pregnancy can be tough, but please get help from a crisis center, or allow a loving family the opportunity for adoption, rather than ending his or her life through an abortion.  Adoption can be a very loving response to a crisis pregnancy.

   There are so many nice couples hoping to adopt a baby that you can be sure your child will be wanted and loved by an adoptive family.  In the years to come, you will be glad that you made the loving decision to take good care of you and your baby's health and to  honor your child's right to life
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There is evidence of a dangerous health link between abortion and breast cancer.   Surprisingly, the general media and federal medical sources seem to be covering up this important health matter.  Check it out for yourself!

The terms "embryo" and "fetus" describe certain phases of a person's life.   They are just like "teenager" and "adult" which describe other times of a person's life.  The important thing is that all of these words describe a real person, not a virus or something from another planet.   Don't let anyone trick you with the fake idea that your child growing inside you is not a real person, because she is a special and unique person!
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 Boundless Webzine is cool, and it's true! So is Brio (for teen girls) and Breakaway (for teen guys).  Be smart, get the real info on health needs during your teen pregnancy that will keep you from being messed with.  

This site is dedicated to the glory of God and with love to all the millions of teens who have faced the special health challenges of a youthful pregnancy.

Life For You!
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CALL 1-800-848-LOVE
CALL 1-800-550-4900

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